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Department II


Acting Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Arnold
Albertstraße 25
79104 Freiburg
Tel.: +49 761 203 5314
Fax: +49 761 203 5318
E-Mail: sebastian.arnold[at]


Research groups:

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Arnold
Tel.: +49 761 203 96819
E-Mail: sebastian.arnold[at]

Dr. Sebastian Preissl
Tel.: +49 761 203 5313
E-Mail: sebastian.preissl[at]

PD Dr. Achim Lother
Tel.: +49 761 203 5323
E-Mail: achim.lother[at]

Prof. Dr. Lutz Hein
Tel.: +49 761 203 5314
E-Mail: lutz.hein[at]


Prof. Dr. Bela Szabo
Tel.: +49 761 203 5312
E-Mail: szabo[at]

2023 Joint Symposium of ESAC and the ADMIRE Network

Joint Symposium of ESAC and the ADMIRE Network 2023

March 24-25, Freiburg, GER [Link]


Eplerenone Improves Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling and Hypertension by Inhibition of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor in Endothelial Cells


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Gene expression in immortalized versus primary isolated cardiac endothelial cells

Endothelial cells

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Eomes and Brachyury control pluripotency exit and germ-layer segregation by changing the chromatin state

chromatin state

Tosic et al., Nature Cell Biology 2019 [Link]


Endothelial cell mineralocorticoid receptors oppose VEGF-induced gene expression and angiogenesis


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2nd Cardiovascular Epigenetics Conference



Transcription Factor ETV1 Induces Atrial Remodeling and Arrhythmia


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Distinct epigenetic programs regulate cardiac myocyte development and disease in the human heart


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DNA methylation signatures follow preformed chromatin compartments in cardiac myocytes


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Adrenergic repression of MeCP2 in heart failure


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Deciphering the epigenetic code of cardiac myocyte transcription


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Dynamic DNA methylation orchestrates cardiomyocyte development, maturation and disease


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15 February 2023